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5.3 Default Log Handler

The default log handler can be configured by the following functions:

Function: void assuan_set_assuan_log_prefix (const char *text)

Set the prefix to be used at the start of a line emitted by assuan on the log stream to text. The default is the empty string.

Function: const char * assuan_get_assuan_log_prefix (void)

Return the prefix to be used at the start of a line emitted by assuan on the log stream. The default implementation returns the empty string.

Function: void assuan_set_assuan_log_stream (FILE *fp)

This sets the default log stream to which libassuan should log messages not associated with a specific context to fp. The default is to log to stderr. This default value is also changed by using assuan_set_log_stream (to set a logging stream for a specific context) unless this function has been used. Obviously this is not thread-safe and thus it is highly recommended to use this function to setup a proper default.

Function: FILE * assuan_get_assuan_log_stream (void)

Return the stream which is currently being using for global logging.

The log stream used by the default log handler can also be set on a per context basis.

Function: void assuan_set_log_stream (assuan_context_t ctx, FILE *fp)

Enable debugging for the context ctx and write all debugging output to the stdio stream fp. If the default log stream (used for non-context specific events) has not yet been set, a call to this functions implicitly sets this stream also to fp.