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7.1 Return the certificate(s) found

Lookup certificate. To allow multiple patterns (which are ORed) quoting is required: Spaces are to be translated into "+" or into "%20"; obviously this requires that the usual escape quoting rules are applied. The server responds with:

       S: D <DER encoded certificate>
       S: END
       S: D <second DER encoded certificate>
       S: END
       S: OK

In this example 2 certificates are returned. The server may return any number of certificates; OK will also be returned when no certificates were found. The dirmngr might return a status line

       S: S TRUNCATED <n>

To indicate that the output was truncated to N items due to a limitation of the server or by an arbitrary set limit.

The option --url may be used if instead of a search pattern a complete URL to the certificate is known:

       C: LOOKUP --url CN%3DWerner%20Koch,o%3DIntevation%20GmbH,c%3DDE?userCertificate

If the option --cache-only is given, no external lookup is done so that only certificates from the cache are returned.

With the option --single, the first and only the first match will be returned. Unless option --cache-only is also used, no local lookup will be done in this case.