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AM_PATH_LIBGCRYPT: Building sources using Automake

gcry_buffer_t: Buffer description
gcry_calloc: Memory allocation
gcry_calloc_secure: Memory allocation
gcry_check_version: Initializing the library
gcry_cipher_algo_info: General cipher functions
gcry_cipher_algo_name: General cipher functions
gcry_cipher_authenticate: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_checktag: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_close: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_ctl: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_decrypt: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_encrypt: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_final: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_gettag: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_get_algo_blklen: General cipher functions
gcry_cipher_get_algo_keylen: General cipher functions
gcry_cipher_info: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_map_name: General cipher functions
gcry_cipher_mode_from_oid: General cipher functions
gcry_cipher_open: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_reset: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_setctr: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_setiv: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_setkey: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_set_decryption_tag: Working with cipher handles
gcry_cipher_sync: Working with cipher handles
gcry_control: Controlling the library
gcry_create_nonce: Retrieving random numbers
gcry_ctx_release: Context management
gcry_ctx_t: Context management
gcry_ecc_get_algo_keylen: Dedicated ECC Functions
gcry_ecc_mul_point: Dedicated ECC Functions
gcry_error: Error Values
gcry_error_from_errno: Error Values
gcry_error_t: Error Values
gcry_err_code: Error Values
gcry_err_code_from_errno: Error Values
gcry_err_code_t: Error Values
gcry_err_code_to_errno: Error Values
gcry_err_make: Error Values
gcry_err_make_from_errno: Error Values
gcry_err_source: Error Values
gcry_err_source_t: Error Values
gcry_fips_mode_active: Controlling the library
gcry_free: Memory allocation
gcry_get_config: Config reporting
gcry_handler_alloc_t: Allocation handler
gcry_handler_error_t: Error handler
gcry_handler_free_t: Allocation handler
gcry_handler_log_t: Logging handler
gcry_handler_no_mem_t: Error handler
gcry_handler_progress_t: Progress handler
gcry_handler_realloc_t: Allocation handler
gcry_handler_secure_check_t: Allocation handler
gcry_kdf_derive: Key Derivation
gcry_mac_algo_name: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_close: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_get_algo: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_get_algo_keylen: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_get_algo_maclen: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_map_name: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_open: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_read: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_reset: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_setiv: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_setkey: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_test_algo: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_verify: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_mac_write: Working with MAC algorithms
gcry_malloc: Memory allocation
gcry_malloc_secure: Memory allocation
gcry_md_algo_name: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_close: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_copy: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_debug: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_enable: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_extract: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_final: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_get_algo: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_get_algo_dlen: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_get_asnoid: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_hash_buffer: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_hash_buffers: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_is_enabled: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_is_secure: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_map_name: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_open: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_putc: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_read: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_reset: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_setkey: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_test_algo: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_md_write: Working with hash algorithms
gcry_mpi_abs: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_add: Calculations
gcry_mpi_addm: Calculations
gcry_mpi_add_ui: Calculations
gcry_mpi_aprint: MPI formats
gcry_mpi_clear_bit: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_clear_flag: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_clear_highbit: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_cmp: Comparisons
gcry_mpi_cmp_ui: Comparisons
gcry_mpi_copy: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_div: Calculations
gcry_mpi_dump: MPI formats
gcry_mpi_ec_add: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_curve_point: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_decode_point: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_dup: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_get_affine: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_get_mpi: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_get_point: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_mul: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_new: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_set_mpi: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_set_point: EC functions
gcry_mpi_ec_sub: EC functions
gcry_mpi_gcd: Calculations
gcry_mpi_get_flag: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_get_nbits: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_get_opaque: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_get_ui: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_invm: Calculations
gcry_mpi_is_neg: Comparisons
gcry_mpi_lshift: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_mod: Calculations
gcry_mpi_mul: Calculations
gcry_mpi_mulm: Calculations
gcry_mpi_mul_2exp: Calculations
gcry_mpi_mul_ui: Calculations
gcry_mpi_neg: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_new: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_point_copy: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_get: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_new: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_release: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_set: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_snatch_get: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_snatch_set: EC functions
gcry_mpi_point_t: Data types
gcry_mpi_powm: Calculations
gcry_mpi_print: MPI formats
gcry_mpi_randomize: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_release: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_rshift: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_scan: MPI formats
gcry_mpi_set: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_set_bit: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_set_flag: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_set_highbit: Bit manipulations
gcry_mpi_set_opaque: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_set_opaque_copy: Miscellaneous
gcry_mpi_set_ui: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_snatch: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_snew: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_sub: Calculations
gcry_mpi_subm: Calculations
gcry_mpi_sub_ui: Calculations
gcry_mpi_swap: Basic functions
gcry_mpi_t: Data types
gcry_mpi_test_bit: Bit manipulations
gcry_pk_algo_info: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_algo_name: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_ctl: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_decrypt: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_pk_encrypt: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_pk_genkey: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_get_keygrip: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_get_nbits: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_hash_sign: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_pk_hash_verify: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_pk_map_name: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_random_override_new: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_pk_sign: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_pk_testkey: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_test_algo: General public-key related Functions
gcry_pk_verify: Cryptographic Functions
gcry_prime_check: Checking
gcry_prime_generate: Generation
gcry_prime_group_generator: Generation
gcry_prime_release_factors: Generation
gcry_pubkey_get_sexp: General public-key related Functions
gcry_randomize: Retrieving random numbers
gcry_random_bytes: Retrieving random numbers
gcry_random_bytes_secure: Retrieving random numbers
gcry_random_level_t: Quality of random numbers
gcry_realloc: Memory allocation
gcry_set_allocation_handler: Allocation handler
gcry_set_fatalerror_handler: Error handler
gcry_set_log_handler: Logging handler
gcry_set_outofcore_handler: Error handler
gcry_set_progress_handler: Progress handler
gcry_sexp_build: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_canon_len: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_car: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_cdr: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_create: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_dump: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_extract_param: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_find_token: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_length: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_new: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_nth: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_nth_buffer: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_nth_data: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_nth_mpi: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_nth_string: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_release: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_sprint: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_sscan: Working with S-expressions
gcry_sexp_t: Data types for S-expressions
gcry_strerror: Error Strings
gcry_strsource: Error Strings

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