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5 Document Signing

Scute can also be used with LibreOffice to sign OpenDocument files.

First, you must load the Scute module into Mozilla Firefox according to the above procedure. Then, configure LibreOffice to use Firefox’s certificate store by defining the MOZILLA_CERTIFICATE_FOLDER environment variable to your Firefox profile directory.

Then, to sign the document you are editing, select the File->Digital Signatures... menu option to open the Digital Signatures dialog.


Click the Sign Document button to open the certificate selection dialog. Select your card-based certificate, then validate. Enter your User PIN when prompted by GPG Agent.


You may also sign a PDF export of your document. Select the File->Export as PDF... menu option to open the PDF Options dialog. In the Digital Signatures tab, use the Select button to open the certificate selection dialog as above. You will be prompted for your User PIN when you will click the Export button.