Project Ägypten: Schedule

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The project is in the cleanup and maintenance phase. Upcoming bugs will be investigated.


Milestone 6, (27-November-2002, planned was end of August): Project accepted.

Milestone 5 (1-August-2002): External test finished.

Milestones 4.1 and 4.2 (29-April-2002): Smartcard connection, PKCS-15, KMail address book is connected, Presentation at CeBIT (13-20-March-2002), Integration in mutt.

Milestone 3 (19-February-2002): LDAP connection for CRL retrieval finished, creation and management for keys are integrated in KMail user interface. OpenPGP in KMail works analogous to S/MIME.

Planning of milestones revised (14-January-2002).

Milestone 2 (21-December-2001, planned was 26-November): Encryption, decryption, signing and signature checking works for KMail

Milestone 1 (29-October-2001): Implementation design and interface definitions ready to start implementation work

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