User guides

This page collects documents available as user guides for GnuPG.

The GNU Privacy Handbook

Thanks to the DocBook system, John Michael Ashley’s The GNU Privacy Handbook (GPH for short) is available in several formats:

GPH is also available in the source repository.

Replacing PGP 2.x with GnuPG

This document demonstrates some of GnuPG's features by showing how GnuPG can be used to communicate with PGP 2.x users.

Because it has been written in DocBook, the document is available in the following formats:

A Practical Introduction to GPG in Windows

This guide, written by Brendan Kidwell, shows you how to use the free public key cryptography system GnuPG from a Windows user perspective. It started life as an outline for a talk Brendan was going to give in his Cryptology class, but it quickly grew into a document that stands on its own.

The document is available in several formats which can be read on-line or downloaded from Brendan’s page.

Let us hope that this guide will help out Windows users who are dying to effectively install and use GnuPG on their systems. So that, nobody will never ever say that "after reading the whole of I still couldn't get the thing to work" ;-)

Other documents

The Email Self-Defense site is an introduction with infographic.

Documentation in the Japanese language.

Julien Francoz, alias CoCoZ, wrote a guide for French users entitled Utilisation de GnuPG , which covers the basic usage of GnuPG. The document is also available in SGML format .

Mario Pascucci wrote an guide for Italian users entitled GnuPG: Crittografia, Privacy e Open Source. It covers the use of GnuPG on the GNU/Linux command line as well as its use on Windows along with WinPT.