Goteo Campaign: Preliminary Results

Here is a quick status update: The t-shirts arrived as expected the week after Eastern. Mechthilde, Michael, Penny, Rainer, and me met the other day at the FSFE office in Düsseldorf and due Rainer's excellent preparation we quickly folded, enveloped, and stamped about 300 t-shirts and posted them. Kudos to them for helping with this task. There are still a few t-shirts we have not been able to sent because some of our contributors did not reply to several mails asking for missing address details, or the postmaster returned them due to faulty snail addresses. If you expected a t-shirt and did not received one, please contact me at accounts at GnuPG dot net. Most of the stickers have also been snailed but a few are still pending due to uncertain addresses.

The main GnuPG site is now accessible via TLS and plain http access is redirected to the https address. Strict Transport Security (HSTS) has also been enabled. In the case of problems with TLS the site may still be accessed non-encrypted via

To accomplish another promise of the campaign, the GnuPG website may now be accessed as TOR hidden service at http://ic6au7wa3f6naxjq.onion. Being a well known and intentionally public site, it does not make much sense to have it as a hidden service but if the site is to be accessed anyway via Tor we can avoid the extra TLS layer and and allow direct access. Note that and some other services are not available via an onion address.

Finally here are preliminary financial results of the campaign:

Our contributors donated a total of 37270 Euro. Due to card and Paypal processing problems we actually received 36732 Euro. The preliminary costs for running the campaign are 18590 Euros, so that 18142 Euro are available for the goals. Here is an overview of the costs:

Goteo fee 2939
Paypal fees 1152
VAT 5212
Campaign manager 5390
300 t-shirts 1852
Envelopes + postage t-shirts 996
Rewards for helper 102
360 Stickers 342
Envelopes + postage sticker 210
Campaign server for 5 months 395

Due to missing or incomplete addresses or no response to our mails we could not ship about 80 stickers and 15 t-shirts. I spend a substantial amount of time (at least 4 weeks) with direct campaign related tasks, which were not included in the original plan. That plan explained how to spend the money:

New website 4054
New content 910
New website design 1435
Releasing 2.1 6000

The extra 5743 Euro we received will be used for general maintenance, to cover the unexpected time I had to spend on the campaign, and for some giveaways to long time GnuPG hackers.

Thank you very much for all your help and please keep on supporting GnuPG.