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Cologne, September 8+9, 2016

Join us for the first OpenPGP conference

OpenPGP.conf is a conference for users and implementers of the OpenPGP protocol, the popular standard for encrypted email communication and protection of data at rest.

OpenPGP.conf is a place to meet, discuss, and learn about latest developments of OpenPGP aware applications and what technical measures can be deployed to repel the ever increasing trend to mass surveillance.

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When and Where

September 8 and 9, 2016 (Thursday and Friday) in Cologne.

Leonardo Royal Hotel Köln - Am Stadtwald
Dürener Straße 287
50935 Köln


The topics for this conference are:


The conference was organized by the German Unix User Group - GUUG in short.

Since its foundation in 1984 the GUUG is well-known for organizing national (FFG, e.g.) and international (Linux-Kongress) conferences.


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Q & A

Is the conference only about OpenPGP ?
There are lot of secruity conferences but until now there has not been a public event dedicated to OpenPGP. Thus the talks for this conference will be about the OpenPGP protocol and closely related things. In particular, online communication protocols like OTR, TLS or Double Ratchet are off-topic as long as they are not connected to OpenPGP
How is this conference related to GnuPG ?
Although these pages are hosted on the GnuPG server and mirrored at gnupg.org/conf, the conference is independent of GnuPG or any other OpenPGP implementation. We use the GnuPG infrastructure merely for convenience and to make sure that published material will be available for the years to come.
As a participant - where can I give feedback?
You can both talk/mail to us and fill https://goo.gl/forms/GTTOvr9Zdeoaz33y1.