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Concept Index

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Index Entry  Section

aborting operations: Cancellation
algorithms: Algorithms
algorithms, hash: Hash Algorithms
algorithms, message digest: Hash Algorithms
algorithms, public key: Public Key Algorithms
armor mode: ASCII Armor
ASCII armor: ASCII Armor
ASSUAN: Assuan
attributes, of a key: Information About Keys
auditlog: Additional Logs
auditlog, of the engine: Additional Logs
autoconf: Using Automake
automake: Using Automake

backend: Protocols and Engines

callback, passphrase: Passphrase Callback
callback, progress meter: Progress Meter Callback
callback, status message: Status Message Callback
cancelling operations: Cancellation
canonical text mode: Text Mode
certificates, included: Included Certificates
CMS: Cryptographic Message Syntax
compiler flags: Building the Source
compiler options: Building the Source
configuration of crypto backend: Engine Configuration
context: Contexts
context, armor mode: ASCII Armor
context, attributes: Context Attributes
context, configuring engine: Crypto Engine
context, creation: Creating Contexts
context, destruction: Destroying Contexts
context, offline mode: Offline Mode
context, pinentry mode: Pinentry Mode
context, result of operation: Result Management
context, selecting protocol: Protocol Selection
context, sender: Setting the Sender
context, text mode: Text Mode
crypto backend: Protocols and Engines
crypto engine: Protocols and Engines
cryptographic message syntax: Cryptographic Message Syntax
cryptographic operation: Crypto Operations
cryptographic operation, aborting: Cancellation
cryptographic operation, cancelling: Cancellation
cryptographic operation, decryption: Decrypt
cryptographic operation, decryption and verification: Decrypt and Verify
cryptographic operation, encryption: Encrypt
cryptographic operation, running: Run Control
cryptographic operation, signature check: Verify
cryptographic operation, signing: Sign
cryptographic operation, verification: Verify
cryptographic operation, wait for: Waiting For Completion

data buffer, convenience: Data Buffer Convenience
data buffer, creation: Creating Data Buffers
data buffer, destruction: Destroying Data Buffers
data buffer, encoding: Data Buffer Meta-Data
data buffer, file name: Data Buffer Meta-Data
data buffer, I/O operations: Data Buffer I/O Operations
data buffer, manipulation: Manipulating Data Buffers
data buffer, meta-data: Data Buffer Meta-Data
data buffer, read: Data Buffer I/O Operations
data buffer, seek: Data Buffer I/O Operations
data buffer, write: Data Buffer I/O Operations
data, exchanging: Exchanging Data
debug: Debugging
decryption: Decrypt
decryption and verification: Decrypt and Verify
deprecated: Deprecated Functions

encryption: Encrypt
engine: Protocols and Engines
engine, ASSUAN: Assuan
engine, configuration of: Engine Configuration
engine, configuration per context: Crypto Engine
engine, GnuPG: OpenPGP
engine, GpgSM: Cryptographic Message Syntax
engine, information about: Engine Information
error codes: Error Values
error codes, list of: Error Sources
error codes, list of: Error Codes
error codes, printing of: Error Strings
error handling: Error Handling
error sources: Error Values
error sources, printing of: Error Strings
error strings: Error Strings
error values: Error Values
error values, printing of: Error Strings
event loop, external: Using External Event Loops

flags, of a context: Context Flags
From:: Setting the Sender

GDK, using GPGME with: I/O Callback Example GDK
GnuPG: OpenPGP
GPGME_DEBUG: Debugging
GpgSM: Cryptographic Message Syntax
GTK+, using GPGME with: I/O Callback Example GTK+

hash algorithms: Hash Algorithms
header file: Header

identify: Data Buffer Convenience
include file: Header

key listing: Listing Keys
key listing mode: Key Listing Mode
key listing, mode of: Key Listing Mode
key listing, start: Listing Keys
key management: Key Management
key ring, add: Generating Keys
key ring, delete from: Deleting Keys
key ring, export from: Exporting Keys
key ring, import to: Importing Keys
key ring, list: Listing Keys
key ring, search: Listing Keys
key, attributes: Information About Keys
key, creation: Generating Keys
key, delete: Deleting Keys
key, edit: Advanced Key Editing
key, export: Exporting Keys
key, import: Importing Keys
key, information about: Information About Keys
key, manipulation: Manipulating Keys
key, signing: Signing Keys

largefile support: Largefile Support (LFS)
LFS: Largefile Support (LFS)
LGPL, GNU Lesser General Public License: Library Copying
libtool: Using Libtool
listing keys: Listing Keys
locale, default: Locale
locale, of a context: Locale

message digest algorithms: Hash Algorithms
multi-threading: Multi-Threading

notation data: Verify
notation data: Signature Notation Data

offline mode: Offline Mode
OpenPGP: OpenPGP

passphrase callback: Passphrase Callback
passphrase, change: Changing Passphrases
pinentry mode: Pinentry Mode
policy URL: Signature Notation Data
progress meter callback: Progress Meter Callback
protocol: Protocols and Engines
protocol, ASSUAN: Assuan
protocol, CMS: Cryptographic Message Syntax
protocol, GnuPG: OpenPGP
protocol, S/MIME: Cryptographic Message Syntax
protocol, selecting: Protocol Selection
public key algorithms: Public Key Algorithms

Qt, using GPGME with: I/O Callback Example Qt

run control: Run Control

S/MIME: Cryptographic Message Syntax
sender: Setting the Sender
sign: Sign
signal handling: Signal Handling
signals: Signal Handling
signature check: Decrypt and Verify
signature notation data: Verify
signature notation data: Signature Notation Data
signature, creation: Sign
signature, selecting signers: Selecting Signers
signature, verification: Verify
signers, selecting: Selecting Signers
status message callback: Status Message Callback

text mode: Text Mode
thread-safeness: Multi-Threading
type of data: Data Buffer Convenience

UI server: UI Server Protocol
user interface server: UI Server Protocol

validity, TOFU: Changing TOFU Data
verification: Verify
verification and decryption: Decrypt and Verify
version check, of the engines: Engine Version Check
version check, of the library: Library Version Check

wait for completion: Waiting For Completion

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